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Due to current restrictions in place and rising infection rates the AGM will be held virtually.
We will be sending an invite to all members through swim manager - so please ensure that your emails addresses are correct in swim manager.
The invite will also contain the agenda, balance sheet, nominations and the constitution as there are a few amendments to this that need to be voted on at the AGM - the amendments will be detailed.
You will need to confirm that you are attending so that we can send out the zoom link to log on on the night.
Annual General Meeting to be held at Attleborough Sports Club,

On Thursday 8th October 2020  at 8.30pm

Anyone wishing to attend the AGM, must email nbsc.secretary@gmail.com by 1st October 2020 places will be limited as the club only allow 30 people to comply with Covid rules.  If we have more than 30 members wishing to attend we will look to add a zoom meeting



Annual General Meeting to be held at Attleborough Sports Club,

On Thursday 8th October 2020  at 8.30pm

Anyone wishing to attend the AGM, please email nbsc.secretary@gmail.com by 1st October 2020 places will be limited as the club only allow 30 people to comply with Covid rules.  If we have more than 30 members wishing to attend we will look to add a zoom meeting

Income statement for the year is available to view here

Nominations are invited for Officers of Nuneaton and Bedworth Swimming Club

Anyone considering standing for a position on Committee should be aware of the commitment to attend monthly Committee Meetings

All Officers must be over the age of 18 and Club Members

Nomination form is displayed at Pingles Leisure Centre and can be viewed here

All nominations must be proposed and seconded by members of Nuneaton and Bedworth Swimming Club

Alternatively email nbsc.secretary@gmail.com with Nomination – 1)Postion, 2) Nominee, 3)Proposer 4) Seconder.

All proposed nominees must sign to agree to the nomination

Where more nominations are received than the number required for a particular post an election will be held at the above meeting.

All adult paid up members are entitled to vote (Members as at 8th September 2020 – 30 days prior to AGM in line with Constitution)

No member shall have more than one vote per nominee

NBSC Committee positions are: Chairman, Secretary, Treasurer,  Vice Chairman, Membership Secretary, Fixtures Secretary, Gala Co-ordinator, Team Selection, Social Secretary, SwimMark Co-ordinator, Workforce Development Officer, School Liaison/Recruitment, 1 General Committee position

Men’s Club Captain/Vice Captain, Ladies Club Captain/Vice Captain

Person with the most votes will be appointed Captain, second number of votes Vice Captain

Hi All
Many thanks for your support and understanding over the last few months, we know this has been a difficult time for everyone and like you we can't wait to be back in the water.
A lot of work has been involved in getting to this stage so please read all the enclosed information carefully and sign & return the forms requested. Unless we have these returned you/your child will not be allowed to train.
Firstly a few important notes:
Please do not arrive at the pool more than 10 mins prior to the start of your session, no late admittance will be permitted so please ensure you are there on time.
  • Please watch the video relevant to the pool you are training at this shows the way in & out.Both have been uploaded to facebook.
  • There are hand sanitisers at the entrance to both buildings please ensure you use them on your way in.
  • Please do not congegrate in the public areas, when you get the centre, make your way through to the poolside.
  • When swimmers get to poolside, outside shoes must be removed - at this point they will be checked in, if health forms have not been returned by email then they need to be handed in at this point to the Covid Liaison person who will also take their temperature- they will be checked in and given their training lane bubble. They must remain in this bubble & lane for every training session.
  • Swimmers must arrive at the Pool Beach Ready,
  • At Pingles bags should be put on the wall, balcony step or window ledge please leave space in between your bag and the next one to maintain social distancing.
  • At Bedworth the 1st row of seating is for bag drop only.
  • At both pools the showers are not in use, also swimmers should towel dry and put their outerwear on before they leave poolside as we will not be using the changing rooms.
  • Swimmers must adhere to all social distancing protocol & any instructions given whilst in the pool and in the building. The Coach/Covid Lead has the authority to remove them from the session if they don't.
  • The balcony has significantly reduced capacity therefore only parents whose child is 10/under will be allowed on the balcony and this is restricted to 1 parent per family. At Pingles the 1st row of seating is not in use and then it is every other row (the blue seats) please only use the seats with green markings on, at Bedworth only the back row of seating is usable. Parents of children between the ages of 10-12 should drop their children a the door to the pool and then wait in the car park for the duration of the session.
  • If you do spectate you will need to fill in a health survey form and have a temperature check before you will be permitted onto the balcony. You will also need to leave your name and contact details with covid liaison person for the purposes of trfack & trace only.
  • Please ensure that you are in the carpark on time to collect your swimmer/s
  • Anyone who has high temperature will not be permitted to swim (or spectate). As per NHS guidelines a temp over 37.8c or above is classed as high
All session times have been sent to squads by their coaches.
Please find click the following docs to read/print/download them:
Health Survey - to be completed & returned
Return to Training Declaration - to be completed & returned
It goes without saying that if your child is showing symptoms of COVID19 or feeling unwell they MUST NOT attend the session. Similarly if any member of your household is showing any symptoms of COVID19 then your child must not attend.
If a swimmer becomes unwell during the session, they will be isolated and attended by one of the team (wearing appropriate PPE), parent will be contacted to come & collect the swimmer immediately.
If you have any questions or want any more information please contact me on chairnbsc@gmail.com and I will be happy to answer them.
I am away this week so any queries can be directed to treasurer.nbsc1@gmail.com
Please return health forms to: swimmingdelia@btinternet.com or treasurer.nbsc1@gmail.com or bring to your 1st session back at the pool - no forms no training
We look forward to seeing you back.
Return to Training

Apologies this update is quite late but we have been finalising our training plan which has taken a while, due to changes to the proposed timetable by Everyone Active.

We now have a temporary timetable, which will be reviewed regularly and when guidelines etc change, we will start to move back to our usual timetable.

Below is how the squads & Learn to Swim will return to Pingles & Bedworth - more information will be sent out in group emails to each squad and will include a health survey which needs to be returned before your child will be allowed back in the water.

Phased return

 Week 1- Mon 24/08: Midland, County, County Development, Senior Club, Junior Club and Intermediate Club 

Week 2 - Sun 30/08: Midland, County, County Development, Senior Club, Junior Club and Intermediate Club and Skills + Level 5 

Week 3 - Sun 06/09: Midland, County, County Development, Senior Club, Junior Club and Intermediate Club, Skills + Level 5 and Learn to Swim

I can confirm that on Monday 24th August the session is from 8-9pm at Pingles - this will be for Senior & Intermediate Club

Midland & County squad are at Coventry on Saturday 22nd August 4-5pm and their first session at the Pingles will be Tuesday 25th August 6-7am 

Full sessions and timings for next week will be published in the next few days and we will issue the following phase in due course.

Due to the reduced hours at both centres our normal timetable has been impacted significantly - especially over the weekends. Please be aware we have taken all the time that has been offered to us and will endeavour to secure further pool time as soon as possible.

Many thanks

Learn to swim scheme

Do you want your child(ren) to learn to swim.  The Nuneaton & Bedworth Swimming Club teach children 4-7 years of age   If you are interested in your child joining the Dolphins then complete the attached form and send it to me.  We will get in touch as soon as we know when we are back in the water.

/Uploads/Application Form Interest NBSS (2).doc
Update from Committee

Dear Members

 On behalf of the committee we hope that you are all keeping safe & well during these strange times. We held a virtual committee meeting last night thanks to the powers of technology and wanted to update you all on a few things: AGM - As you may be aware this was due to be held on 4th June - given the current situation we feel it best that we postpone the AGM until early October. The committee have all agreed to remain in post until then - I hope you will agree that this is the best way forward, as even if we could hold a virtual AGM, nominating and seconding for posts and voting would not be easy. The committee also felt that it would not be the right time to handover should there be changes in personnel for any roles and felt that stability is what is needed currently.We have spoken with other clubs and Swim England regarding postponing an AGM and they have advised that given the extenuating circumstances this is permissible. Link to Swim England advice pages: https://www.swimming.org/swimengland/coronavirus-faqs-answered/ June Open Meet - The committee have made the decision that cancelling the June open meet would be the right thing to do in the current climate. Swim England have cancelled all National meets until end August currently and even if we are allowed back to train the swimmers would not be race fit and we don't want to put extra pressure on them after an enforced break from training.

 March Fees - As you are aware the treasurer sent a note out to all members regarding fees, if you pay by direct debit we will make sure that once Aprils direct debit has been taken (for March training fees) then we will not request anymore until we are back training. (If we are back in June then it will be July when a payment is taken). If you pay by standing order then you need to cancel your standing order and restart it once we are back training Once we know when we are back training we will confirm how much the fees for that month will be, this will take into account a 50% credit for March as we were unable to train for the whole month.

 If you have any queries or concerns re any of the above then please contact me chairnbsc@gmail.com

 Hayley (Chair NBSC)


NBSC Payments going forward

Dear Members

Firstly, Nuneaton & Bedworth Swimming Club, would like to thank you for your understanding in these uncertain times. Please trust that we will ensure we do everything in our power for the benefit of your children.  

Our plan with the payments going forward are as follows:

If you pay by DIRECT DEBIT

Please DO NOT cancel – we will collect payment at the end of March and then not call for any further direct debits until we know what is going on. We will keep you well informed of any information we receive.

The Direct Debit due to be taken at the end of March will cover March training, we know that this has been cancelled today (20 March) and we will take this into account when we reinstate the payments. We will ensure that this in the benefit to you and your children and not the club.

Anyone who has set a direct debit up and also made a standing order payment for March will shortly see a credit on their swim manager account to cover the fee due at the end of this month which will stop the direct debit from being taken.

If you pay by STANDING ORDER

If you are paying by Standing order ensure that you cancel these as soon as possible - BEFORE APRIL 1ST.  Once we know more about when we will be able to resume teaching/training we will communicate the best course of action for payment.

External Open Meet entries

Anyone who has already paid for their entries to Derventio I will contact you separately in due course to arrange a refund.

If you have any queries please do not hesitate to contact us.

Best wishes to you all and take care.

Ruth Pearce


Nuneaton and Bedworth Swimming Club

Coronavirus Update 20/03/20
Following on from my update yesterday, it is clear from the committee responses that whilst they appreciate what we have been trying to do the majority would prefer us to temporarily suspend training sessions – which I completely understand, this is a worrying time for all and it is difficult to know what to do for the best.
The coaches (in their coaching capacity) would like training to continue with training and are happy to do so, however, I do have to listen to & take on board the rest of the feedback and it is therefore with a very heavy heart that I have to announce that all training sessions will be ceased with immediate effect, temporarily, until further notice.
We will continue to monitor and review all advice and as soon as it is deemed ok we will be back training.
We will keep in regular contact with all committee, coaches and members.
I have asked the coaches to think about how we can keep some form of fitness going throughout this period - some clubs have started to upload some daily fitness sessions with videos, it is really important that we keep our swimmers motivated especially as they have no school now and some have been told they cannot take their exams - I am thinking of their mental wellbeing as well as physical.
Thank you for all your support during this unprecedented and difficult time

You should have received an email telling you how to log on - if you have not received one please contact chairnbsc@gmail.com with your name, childs name and email address so we can send log on details to you. There will be a couple of sessions at the pool for parents so you can see swim manager - these will be done early Feb so that we can help you set up the direct debit etc. Details will be confirmed by the end of this week and posted on here and facebook.

There is a user guide on the system and we sent a very basic logon guide with the log on email.

Everything will be managed through swim manager, when you 1st log in you will need to read & accept all the club policies and also then update all personal details, medical & photo consent options, the user guide will cover all this.

For Bay 5 upwards this will include all payments which will change to direct debit rather than standing order - you will receive an email asking you to set this up. Feb fees should be paid by standing order, this will then need to be cancelled and a direct debit set up - this will be detailed in the email. From 1st March bay 5  & above monthly fees will be taken by direct debit.

Swim school payments will continue to be paid by standing order, but parents will have the same access to swim manager as the squads.


2019-2020 Club Captains

Nuneaton & Bedworth Swimming Club would like to thank their Swimmers and Members who recently voted for this years Club Captains.



From left to right:


Mia Parkes - Ladies Vice Captain

Hannah Boyd - Ladies Captain

Thomas Vince - Men's Captain

Ben Stewart - Men's Vice Captain


Learn to Swim

Learn-to-Swim Spaces Available Now



We now have spaces for 4 - 6 year olds on our Learn-to-Swim schemes. Our learn-to-swim schemes provide exception quality of teaching and provides easy progression without changing times or days and also fast track where possible. 


So just come down (no need to book) for your free taster session on:


Monday at 6pm at Pingles Leisure Centre

Wednesday at 5pm at Bedworth  Leisure Centre

Wednesday at 6pm at Pingles  Leisure Centre

Sunday at 4pm at Pingles  Leisure Centre


Why not bring a friend along as well !!

New Swimmers and Volunteers - Join Us

How to Join NBSC

Do you have the next Nuneaton & Bedworth champion? We would love your child’s first club experience to be at the swimming club so join us and see what we have to offer.


If your child is aged 4-7 years simply come along for a trial to one of our sessions:

Monday at 6pm at the Pingles

Wednesday at 5pm at the Bedworth

Wednesday at 6pm at the Pingles

Sunday at 4pm at the Pingles

Give your child an opportunity to learn skills that generations have gained with us during the last 80+ years.


The Swimming club has a team of dedicated volunteer teachers, who teach our successful swim scheme alongside a selection of young helpers who are all competent swimmers themselves.


We even offer a fast track scheme where swimmers who attend 2 or 3 times per week can really “hang on” to skills gained during previous lessons.


We offer a skill for life and a step on to the ladder of healthy living as well as a head start to schools swimming.


At swimming club the very young have the opportunity to follow the pathway from non-swimmer through to team swimmer and on to National swimming where swimmers compete at the British championships.


We also offer places to older children who can swim competently depending on the standard they have reached, please ask at our club desk next to the pool.


We are also always looking for volunteers to help in all aspects of our club and full training will be given where applicable. Simply come along for a discussion at one of our sessions mentioned above.


Swimmer pathways


Nuneaton & Bedworth swimming club has several different pathways for our children to follow?


From joining as a beginner and progressing through our learn to swim bays the swimmers are truly on the road to achieving great things through swimming.


Swimmers who commit to swimming two or three times a week by the time they reach Bays 3 and 4 may be invited to follow our competitive swimmer pathway and swimmers who attend once a week are able to join our junior learner bay which leads to club swimming.


Both pathways offer a fantastic chance to keep fit and meet friends as well as gaining important lifelong skills. All groups are offered the chance to compete and gain awards to demonstrate their individual progress.

News Bulletins
LTS Return Date
Learn to Swim - Important Update
Unfortunately it has become necessary to delay the return of the Learn to Swim scheme by 1 week. There are a number of reasons for this and the coaches have worked hard to try & avoid this.
The coaches are now working on a phased approach across the bays meaning not all bays will return at the same time. This is due to reduced capacity allowed in the water & pool time available.
Teachers & Coaches will be in contact will individual bays advising of a start date & times for that bay.
The earliest date for return will be w/c 14th Sept
Apologies for the late notice and any inconvenience but the coaches were trying to avoid any delays
Updated Calendar
Updated 2020 calendar available here
Club Champs 2019 - Results

Well done to all swimmers who took part in the club championships there was plenty of PB's.  Please see the attached copy of the results.  The medal table will be placed on the notice board this week so please take a look.  

*Don't forget The Plunge - 8pm Wednesday 2nd October 2019 at The Pingles for swimmers 14yrs and over.

Club Champs 2019 Web Results.pdf

Welfare officer information
click here for information and contact details for the clubs welfare officer

                BEDWORTH SWIM SCHOOL




Nuneaton and Bedworth Swim School rely on the parents who help out on a voluntary basis.  

Currently at Bedworth pool we need someone to take the register on poolside.

If you could help whilst your children are swimming

Please contact Terry Freeman, Head Coach     tf021954@gmail.com     

or    Julie Edwards, Secretary  nbsc.secretary@gmail.com



The Club's new kit is now available from Sporting Touch on the Attleborough Fields industrial site.  If you put www.sportingtouch.com into your browser and then search for Nuneaton and Bedworth Swimming Club it will bring you up the Club kit.  
Help needed













Great new way to support Nuneaton & Bedworth Swimming Club without costing a penny!!

to findout more

Click here 



As a swimming club we need lots of volunteers throughout the club but we need committed support in one area in particular, Officials. We need officials for all team galas and we are expected to provide officials for Open Meets we attend as well. The more officials we have the better, we can then rotate the responsibility for team galas more fairly. Being an official also has big advantages on occasion, you get in for free, get refreshments and often a meal at Open Meets and you're that much closer to the action.

Click Here for more information

If you want to get involved please contact our Workforce Co-ordinator




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